The Urge To Be Known: Making Solitude a Thing Of The Past

Within today’s current society, technology has taken over our ways of communication and self expression. Solitude is a thing of the past because we are always connected to our technology and we are therefore never alone. The problem with this is that we are beings that need some form of solitude to function properly. As a quote within Article #14 states, “You cannot here god when people are chatting.”. Spiritualism requires peace and connection to your own self, as does deep thought and taking time to discover yourself- you’re hopes, wishes, and needs. We now look to others to give us advice, boost our confidence, and form opinions for us, therefore we are losing our individual selves in the process. Today, we constant have an urge to be known, and to receive attention by others at all times. This urge causes us to post statuses about some of the most personal aspects of our lives, and let people know what we are doing/eating at every hour of the day. Isn’t it a strange concept how much we are sharing with people we barely know? Is it healthy for us to constantly need attention by others through our technology to feel content and happy within our own lives instead of creating that happiness for ourselves? I think there are both good and bad aspects of this idea. I believe the good in this theory is that it helps people who would otherwise feel alone and depressed feel accepted, getting nice comments and likes on a photo helps to boost confidence in someone with body image issues, and our social media pages helps us feel like we have “thousands” of friends that care about us because these people who choose to be our Facebook friends and actually want to read about our day.

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