Google Everything, and I mean Everything

This past weekend I was making revisions to my out of date resume. One thing I noticed was the email I had on my resume was not the email I check everyday. So the thing I did was change it to my current email address, but I noticed the look of that email address had no professionalism to it at all. So I conducted an internet search, through Google, and came to the conclusion that using a Gmail account with my first and last name was the best option. This wasn’t because I used Google as the search provider, many resume specialists and others with expertise in hiring suggested it as a good idea.

This led me to think, why not just ‘Google’ everything? Google for social media, Google for email, search, and internet browsers, they have the resources and already have the options I stated above. I want to be able to log on to my computer and have everything I plan on getting done on the computer right at my finger tips. If Google is out there listening, make it happen, I know you can. This idea is probably a little much but in this day and age convenience and speed are top priorities. The only problem I see with having Google be responsible with everything is there privacy policy which we know is not about privacy at all. When we can figure out how to keep our privacy, but use all of Google’s wonderful innovations and products, then I can finally be a satisfied digital consumer.

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