Is the internet a positive or negative influence on intimate relationships?

People use the internet for many things, but relationships are definitely top of the list.  A huge example of this is the new show many may know of called “Catfish”. This television show is based off of people that meet online and have yet to meet in person, the majority of the time when they meet in person they learn that there has been many lies. Well this is just a small example of online relationships. I feel that the internet is not necessarily a bad influence, but that people do not always use it correctly. For instance if people would hold back from lying on there profiles and only tell the truth to people they may date, than the internet could be a great place to meet prospectives. The chances of that ever happening are slim to none, which is why the internet becomes a bad influence on relationships. A way that the internet can be a good influence is because many people can not be with their spouse all the time such as military relationships, and the internet helps them to communicate. This is great and such a positive influence because it helps to keep them together and from missing each other entirely too much. In fact many people in those types of situations are beyond grateful for the internet which they should be. So as much as the internet can be a bad influence on relationships when lies get involved, the internet can be a great influence for relationships in the sense of communication.

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