Gold iPhone 5S Release Disappoints Customers

On Friday, September 20th, the iPhone 5S was released to the public.  The model has been long awaited and introduced a few new concepts.  From a fingerprint-scanner to the new software called iOS 7 featuring a whole new design, the iPhone 5S is something nearly every Apple user wants.  The smartphone was released in two new colors, gold and gray, alongside the ever popular white.  As anticipated, many people lined up at Apple stores, AT&T stores, Verizon stores, etc. to purchase this mind-blowing phone.  However, many were disappointed too late once they found out that only the gray would be available in their local phone carrier stores and a very rare amount of white and gold in their local Apple stores.

Unfortunately for me, I fell into the trap of waiting in line for one of these phones.  I felt it was worth it since I have had the iPhone 4 for over 3 years and it is damaged and nearly worn out.  Plus, I had an upgrade available to use, so I figured why not? This is where my first mistake came to life.  The moment gold was verified to be true and I saw pictures of the phone, I knew that was the color I wanted.  Set on the gold immediately, I ventured to wait in line at a local AT&T store for 8 hours.  4th in line was great news for myself, up until the store opened its doors to reveal the bad news…NO WHITE OR GOLD IPHONES.  I was heartbroken and exhausted, as I’m sure many others waiting in line were too.  After spending that long of a time in line, I was about to walk away empty-handed.  I was not about to buy a gray phone after I’ve been so dedicated on changing up the color.  Missing the opportunity to place a preorder at 3 a.m. when the sale began due to the fact I thought I would be walking away with the phone I wanted in a few hours, I held off on the early preorder.  Shipping dates were pushed back immediately to more than a month later.  Now I must wait at least another month for my new phone.  Sometimes it’s really not worth the wait.

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