‘Twas a Successful 2013 Emmy Awards Night

This past Sunday night, from 8 to 11, the entertainment industry was in the midst of another award show, The Emmy’s. This celebration is to acknowledge all of the hardworking people who provide us with our favorite television shows. From Modern Family to Boardwalk Empire, all genre’s were recognized. A vast amount of celebrities came out for the occasion, dressed in the most pristine, designer tuxes and gowns. Even the co-anchor for the “E” network, Giuliana Rancic, was wearing a one million dollar ring that she borrowed from Forevermark Jewelery! Neil Patrick Harris hosted the award ceremony and graced the audience with multiple musical numbers and skits to add to the excitement of the night.

There were many celebrities presenting awards, commemorating others achievements, and accepting their own praise. This years Emmy’s went even farther and had whole special eulogy to glorify those individuals in the entertainment industry that have recently passed, such as Cory Monteith from “Glee” and Jean Stapleton from “All in the Family”. It was a beautiful way to celebrate all of these talented people and their accomplishments.

American Horror Story, Homeland, Veep, and Big Bang Theory were among the shows that won awards at this years Emmy’s. Some for best actor in a comedy series, others for outstanding writing in a television drama. This showed audiences that they strive to recognize every element that goes into making a successful T.V. series. I hadn’t watched all of the shows that they commemorated, but I respect shows that truly matter to people. Just the voiceover of the Breaking Bad opening credit song got the crowd cheering.

I love watching T.V. and I have many favorite shows. It is great that award ceremonies like the Emmy’s exist to give back to the people who do so much to entertain us.

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