Google Is Creating a Kid-Friendly Version of YouTube

Google is currently working on creating a version of YouTube specifically for children of about 10 years old and younger. YouTube already has settings that allow parents and schools to censor the videos that are available, but this will also encourage more kid-friendly content. The goal is to give children a site of their own on which there won’t be any chance for them to stumble upon any explicit content. The site already verifies if users are older than 18 if there is inappropriate content. Obviously, there is no nudity allowed, but they attempt to keep kids from having access to anything risque.

This site will also allow children to create their own online communities and interact with each other in a safe area. With technology growing the way it is, it is crucial that the youth be prepared for what’s to come. Advancements in technology have exponentially increased the amount of time spend online by people of all ages, and as we move into a “wired” society, it is very important that children develop online skills in addition to face-to-face communication.

One thing I would worry about though, is if kids were able to upload their own videos, it might end up attracting pedophiles. I think it would still be fairly easy to make content private to users and only let them interact with each other though. Like if two kids knew each other, they could be “friends” on the site and have access to each other’s videos. This would be much like Instagram or Facebook, with private profiles.

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