Google is Not Making Us Stupid

Google is not making us stupid. I completely do not think Google is harming us in any way. In fact, I think Google is making us smarter because we not only get the information in a matter of seconds, but because of bloggers, we have to determine whether the information is correct. Although we are no longer researching in books, we should still research the information that we acquire to make sure it is factual.

Google allows us to search anything we could ever want to know about. We just have to be smart enough to make sure the information is correct. I can only see this as making people smarter because they have to use their better judgment and research even more. When information comes from a book, it is correct so you only need one source. However, if you are researching online, you need at least three different sources to confirm that your fact is actually a fact.

I know for me, if I ever have a question Google is the first place I go too. I am always doing something. I do not like having free time so a lot of time I need the answer to a question right then and there. It is quick, simple, and non-time consuming. I think this is beneficial in this fast paced world that we are living in. People are always on the move and if they have easy access to the correct information then they can learn while trying to keep up with their job, school, or life in general.

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