Automation has Changed Today’s Occupations

The computer and in particular the World Wide Web has certainly changed how we do things compared to the early, even later 20th century.  Automation has certainly taken over many aspect of the occupational world and took the work out of certain things.  Question is, has this been a positive change or a negative one?  In my opinion automation is no doubt a positive change.  As the population grows society demands information to be available as soon as possible.  It is convenient to be able to do things online that a person once had to pay for or just rely on someone else to do such as booking trips or ordering online, although even some of these jobs aren’t extinct.  It truly is the best of both worlds to have option and choice and technology has given us that along with leisure and ease.

Automation may have some negatives though that affect jobs and accuracy such as journalism and medical occupations.   With web MD and several other versions of it, people turn to this for medical diagnosis while journalism is affected by bloggers and people being able to write about whatever they want when they want too.  However, although people may be misled or misinformed by the information provided by technological apparatuses, jobs aren’t exactly at an end. Automation has also helped many jobs with technology advances.  It takes the harder work out of work and helps with difficult occupations, no matter what the job may be or how many people are involved.


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