Digital becomes everything… Except?


As I’ve grown, I have become accustomed to everything around me turning digital. I feel as if I have lived through the transition stage from analog to a fully digital functioning world around us. The place I have been noticing this most recently is in our school system.

Since I have been enrolled in this college university, I have grown more and more comfortable with the idea of an online class and with that, an online professor. At first I was very hesitant to enroll myself in an online course due to the lack of face to face interaction. As I have began to ease myself into these courses, I have found that the difference is very little.

I actually believe that online courses give us college students much more responsibilities and motivation in our course work. However I do not believe we could do this without feedback from our course professors.

My online professor never ceases to give me feedback and either award or take away points as deserved. Although we are in a digital world now a days, I still see a huge need for the professors that we have and cannot see the digitalization of today taking away that need anytime soon.

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