If the Internet Never Existed

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if the internet NEVER existed?

How would things in your life be different? Billions of people use the internet worldwide. Every one of them is virtually connected to someone or something and has received massive amounts of information from different websites. There are millions of websites that have made the life of the average internet user much easier.

So how would life be if the internet never was?

First off, social media would be out of the window. Twitter, Facebook, blogs, Tumblr, Instagram and YouTube would not consume our daily lives. Nor would Google, Amazon or eBay. Many of us depend on social media to keep us connected with family and friends, especially if they are long-distance. Social media is sometimes the only source(s) that keep us connected to the people that we “love”. Social media and various of other websites have created millions of jobs and all of that would be absent.

There also wouldn’t be any emails. Do you know how traumatizing it would be if you actually had to write something out by hand? *gasp* “Oh no, not that! Please, just kill me now!” Yep, just to think you would actually have to go out and buy stamps and envelopes to mail off  your letters.

Right now, we have the ability to receive news events from all over the world. If the internet never existed, all of that would be lost and it could take weeks or months for us to receive news about what’s going on domestically and internationally.

There even wouldn’t be an opportunity for students to take online courses.

In theory, the world would be a different from what we know.

On the upside, people would have lives. Children would play outside, instead of playing video games or surfing the ‘net. People would be connecting with their families and actually spending time with them. More people would date, and a lot of them would be more adventurous and active because they wouldn’t be stuck in the house. Communication would also be less intimidating, because you would have face-to-face interactions. People would actually read books, whether it was for work or leisurely.

While there would definitely be some disadvantages if the internet never existed, I wouldn’t say things would be horrific. As a people, we have learned to survive on what we have and what we didn’t have. There are still people today who don’t have access to the internet, and I highly doubt that they are killing themselves. We just have to get to a point where we find a balance of controlling our internet consumption, because if we don’t then we would lose our minds if something were to ever happen and the internet just disappeared.




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