Google Should Not Need a Subscription

Do I think there should be subscription fees in order to use Google? No! Google is so commonly used every day by billions of people that the world, as a whole, would be extremely upset if you had to subscribe to it. Of course, I do not understand all the financial issues going into Google; however, I do know that I not be a supporter of this action. People can buy space for advertisements if they must. I know that the more money that you spend to put your stuff on Google, the higher up you will be on the search. So, if you really want people to find you, you should spend more money. I think that in the long run it will be more beneficial to your company or item. I also think that if you are starting you client basis that you can eventually relax on the amount of money you spend because you will have a good following in a few years. It is all about putting yourself out there and if you know that your website will really take off then you will not mind putting in a few extra bucks. So, I don’t think people should charge for the use of Google. I think Google should be allowed to charge however much they want to people that would like to put their stuff on the search engine.

Google is beneficial to everyone around the world. It is a search engine that can easily allow people to find what they want in a matter of seconds. I don’t remember life without this easy tool. When the government starts changing every day tools that is when people get angry and revolts happen. The government needs to think long and hard before they mess with Google.

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