Tricycles vs. Technology: A Generational Difference

As I look back to more than a decade ago life seemed so simple. I remember coming home from school and having a snack and then going outside to play with friends or neighbors. We would ride our bikes, practice sports, run around, etc. When it was time to go home my mom would call my name or we would have agreed on a set time for me to return. My memories of being a 90s child were definitely unforgettable. Being a kid today might come with a lot more perks such as having a laptop, cell phone, iPad and whatever else is attractive to both children and adults. It seems cool that elementary school aged kids have all of the latest electronics that I am fortunate enough to have as well. However, is having so much exposure to media and electronics necessarily beneficial to the youth of today? I understand the need for computer skills, using strategies to play games and even learning through educational apps. My younger cousin who is currently in elementary school has showed me first hand what her friends do on their cell phones. Most of them have Instagram and it has become a way of self-expression, but in a negative way. Some of the comments under the pictures say things like, “ew, you’re ugly,” or other mean and derogatory remarks. Some of her friends go to the length of posting photos of 2 boys or 2 girls from their grade side by side and making the caption, “who’s hotter.” I personally think this is sad and that parents need to monitor the things that their children post because this is a form of bullying. Being a kid with so much technology seems fun, but my childhood was much more carefree and simplistic.

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