Google: the Backbone of the Internet

I remember back when I was young, how hard it was to do a school project. You went to the library and tried to find some book that had the information that you were looking for. There were stacks upon stacks of books for you to read. You flipped through page after page, just to find the tiniest bit of information to support your project. It was a very time consuming and overwhelming process. After all those hours spent in books, you finally get the information for your project. Nowadays, the time for that process to be completed has shrunken substantially. All you do is walk in to the library, sit down at a computer, pull up the internet, and Google your subject. Thousands upon thousands of articles, news entries, and videos pop up that are based on your project in a matter of seconds.  This is all thanks to Google.

Google is one of most used sites on the internet. When people have a question or wants information, and needs it quickly, they turn to Google. This popular search engine is one of the main driving forces of the information age that we live in. A world of information is available just beyond the click of a mouse. It is what lets peoples voices be herd.  I think that without Google, the information that we would want to find on the internet would be a lot harder. It may even be enough so that we go back to finding books in the library.

Try to imagine for a second, an internet where there is no search engine. How would someone that is interested in the words you have to say, be able to find your website in a timely manner. You cant. That is the simple answer. They would get angry and frustrated and give up before they would reach your site. This is why Google makes the internet as strong as it is today.  The power of information is put into your hands, and that’s all thanks to Google.

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