Internet on the Rise, Advertising to Follow

The internet is a big part of anybody’s life these days. People can’t even seem to go a full day without having to cruise to one of their favorite site. It would seem to have become a new epidemic, due to the fact of people not being able to fight their urge to check out what’s new now. When new sources are found to interact, of course how people get information is soon to change.

Sites such as Google, YouTube and Facebook are heavily used and endorsed sites. Without question googly is the king of the internet however. Google is used as a main search site for millions of people, maybe even multiple times a day by some users. In fact, the site even resides as a homepage for pretty close to every computer I’ve ever been on. However it is not the only site that is gaining popularity, YouTube is entertainment at your fingertips and it is very hard to resist watching a video that somebody tells you about, curiosity is just built into our nature. Facebook is now seeming to become an addiction. Some people can not go an hour without having to check what people are saying or have to tell what they are doing that was so important. With the enhanced obsession with these sites, media advertising would of course follow.

Advertising is branching out over the internet to great extremes. Youtube has ads before you can even watch videos now, while facebook pops them up on the side of the screen. This seems to be a lost cause though, mostly because people don’t really pay attention to them. They are so wrapped up in what they are doing or are about to be doing that these ads are just annoying obstacles that delay their intentions. So even though the internet ad market is growing, causing other markets to decline, it would seem that it will not have the effect that other markets may of captured. Advertisers can try to breach this market as much as their hearts desire, but it would seem to be falling on deaf ears.

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