Google will take over the world. If you can’t beat them, should you join them?

Google is a powerhouse that is, excuse my English, “HAS” taken over the way we search the web. Literally, I typed the word baby in the explore bar and I was recommended every combinaton that could be associated with a baby from baby food to toys, diseases, treatment, names, etc. Being the visual person that I am, I became curious and clicked on images, and every variety of baby appeared. Black babies, white babies, yellow babies, fat babies, tall and short; they all appeared. This is what google does. Google simplifies searches and makes it so that we find, see, and with the shopping button, purchase the things that we want.

Some argue that Google is crippling us. That Google is handycaping us into taking short cuts and avoiding scientific search and the use of books. Even more say that Google is taking away from the visits on major sites and benefiting from those who actually create them. I feel that all information on the world wide web is free and should be treated as such. The world is changing and I think we need to deal with that fact. I fail to see how a professor expects students to research history strictly from books when typing “Benjamin Frankilin” can easily provide the exact same information; if not more.

I would personally argue that critics of Google fear evolution and progression. If some day we expect flying cars, our brains will have to process information alot faster and access to information will have to be leisure and retrieved in a timely manner. Google is simplying getting us to the information that we need a whole faster. Once upon a time hospitals and major companies held paper record of patient imformation and customer purchases. Because of technology, we can enter data into the computers and avoid rumaging through hundreds of files with a single click. This is what Google does and its making our lives easier. The information is no different on paper then it is on the computer screen. The only difference is that you’re getting it alot faster and the information is orderered. Google is the future, start using it or go search through more files.

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