Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Technology

Technology has undoubtedly changed the lives a people all over the world. And also because of technology we have been able to grow and become more prosperous; while being linked to everyone around us.  But, have we ever considered how technology has become a hindrance?  I have recently read an article called “ Five Things We Need to Know about Technology Change,” that addresses these issues.  I know that I have personally have always seen that technology can be some what of an disadvantage in some cases and to some people, but not as in depth as this article.   It also went on to state that Technology is the reason for our religious changes and developments; which it is, but we are not trying to evade the consequences that come along with it.  Therefore, we can try to advance all we want but in in the end we are doing more damage then good and that “there is no escaping from ourselves” no mater how much we try to evade the past.

As I said before, there were five ideologies within the article, the first being that technology is a trade-off; which I completely agree with.  The more we think that we are moving forward to better ourselves, we seldom pay attention to the people who it may potentially harm.  Postman gave examples such the automobile; as it did provide a faster means of transportation, it simultaneously caused air pollution.  The same with the printing press and how the Bible then became a debate as to the ethnicity of god simply based on where it was written.  Technology has the power to manipulate previous ideas, and form new ones based on new information.

The second was that technology is not distributed evenly across the world, which again I believe to be true; we have the resources to provide modern technology around the world in hopes to better it, but we choose not to.  Even in America we see it all the time; in some neighborhoods people will not have a phone or television; things that can be provided for.  Just think of the people in third world countries who cannot even attain electricity, but yet the world is dead set on advancing this world through technology and yet chooses to leave people of some parts in the world in the dark.

Thirdly, that ultimately people whom are consumed with technology are ultimately consumed by information, not necessarily knowledge.  We see all the time, we know that we never need to fully retain information, because we can easy access at a later date.  That I believe is wrong with this generation, we don’t have the patience to fully involve ourselves and intimately understand things.  We simply have pockets of a vast amount of information, but are masters of none.

Fourth idea, that a “new medium does not add something; it changes everything.”

And last, that technology has become “mythic.”  And to an extent it has, we expect things just to happen or to be given to us.  We do not need nor have the desire to work and acquire it ourselves.  Again, another quality in this new generation that I believe needs to be dealt with.  We are increasingly becoming more dependent and lazy.


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