GOP Flipity Flop

Many pundits have long predicted that by this time in the presidential race the GOP should already have a decisive leader leading up to the Republican convention this August in Tampa, however something is amiss in the process.  Mitt Romney is currently leading the pack but having a hard time energizing the base into buying into his message.  Rick Santorum is gaining momentum and giving Romney a run for his money, I think that’s partly because Mitt does not stick to his personal convictions.

I’ve been following the race very closely for the past couple months. Depending on who his audience is, it seems as though Mitt Romney is willing to say anything in order to get elected.  It would be naïve of me to think that politicians are trust worthy individuals, they make promises they cannot keep all the time. Furthermore, Romney is bluntly flip flopping on the issues and is expecting the American people to just “drink the cool-aid”. He criticized President Obama for passing the Health Care Act because he felt it’s to be too intrusive but yet when he was governor of Massachusetts he passed a similar Health Care bill that actually mandates citizens to purchase health care. Other examples of his hypocrisy are issues dealing abortion and gun control.

Depending on which interview you watch you will see many different accounts of Romney speaking strongly and being an advocate for the 2nd amendment and then at other times he thinks there should be regulations. The issue of abortion has caused him to switch his viewpoint many times and I don’t think I’ve ever seen this level of hypocrisy coming from a public official.

I have great respect for Romney as a business leader; he has turned many crumbling companies around and did well for himself. However, when electing someone to the highest office in the land, personal convictions matters. I do not want someone in the white house that has so much power over my life and to be constantly wondering whether I’m going to get the same guy on a consistent basis. The office of the presidency comes with great responsibilities and I think many Americans should think really hard about whom they want representing them.  Putting partisan politics aside is the only way of truly electing someone that will continue to make this country the beacon of the world. Part of what makes America great is those we choose as leaders actually believe in the American spirit, not just people who want to add their names to the history book.

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