Great Orlando Mixer Review

Saturday March 8th marked the day of Orlando’s biggest cocktail party of the year. The Great Orlando Mixer, hosted by the Orlando Weekly, was a magnificent event down at the Cheyenne Saloon right next to the Church Street Station. Although the Cheyenne Saloon has been opened and closed multiple times since its opening in 1982, words can not explain how extravagant the event was over the weekend.

Essentially the purpose of the event was to fill up the entire three floor saloon with as many people as possible to try out cocktails from the greatest bartenders in Orlando. Over thirty bars were represented at the event with a multitude of extraordinary drinks that were served to anyone with a ticket. The real impressive part of the entire event was that it was Gatsby themed, therefore everyone attending was required to wear 1920’s attire or else they would not be able to enter. Personally, I went with the classic paper-boy style look. The entire saloon really has that old school feel to it as well, with magnificent wood supporting the entire structure, and simply wonderful designs all over.

With great food, a beautiful architectural landscape, and absolutely beautiful swing music playing all night long, the Great Orlando Mixer was the best party Orlando could have ever thrown.  Many Orlando citizens such as Orlando’s famous drag queens, DJ’s, and dancers hosted the event with pride and you could tell how much fun they were really having. Every person at the event had a unique outfit and the entire environment really made you feel like you were in the 1920’s. Although the Cheyenne Saloon may not be open to the public, whenever the next private event is hosted there, I would highly, highly recommend it.

Check out Orlando Weekly’s website and weekly paper for some great pictures of the event as well!

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