5 Jobs that deliver Big Pay and 5 Jobs that are here to stay

The current job market is as stable as a new born kid on roller skates. I understand the expression might be a bit far fetched, however it serves perfect in its description of the current market. Many jobs are being taken away due to innovation, change in society, and simply the market itself. To be able to find a job that can sustain a household and provide a satisfying life can be daunting. The question now that many people are asking themselves is what type of job should I get into? That is a good question.

While there are some jobs out there that are disappearing, there are some that are not only growing, but growing rapidly. The following jobs are not only jobs that pay big, but are also here to stay. One job is an Industrial Organizational Psychologist. This job pays a median salary of $83, 580. This job currently is estimated to grow 53% from 2012 to 2022. One of the reasons is because corporations recognize the real monetary advantages of effectively matching people to roles that produce their productivity.  The second job is a Software developer. I do not think it takes a rocket scientist to understand that software developers are in high demand.  Software is essential to most of the technology out here. Also, there are not many people who are qualified to work in these jobs.

The third job is a Medical and Health service manager. This job has tremendous growth and high pay potential. Growing 23% from 2012 to 2022, the aging baby boomer population will need health care.  It seems that you can not loose on this job. The fourth job is a financial analyst.  Due to more and more people wanting to invest their money, financial analysts will be trusted to protect people’s investments. You know how the saying goes, if you are around money, chances are you will get some of it as well.  The fifth job is a Dental Hygienist. This job has seen increasing growth due to the fact that many people now contribute teeth health to overall health.  With an associates degree only needed to break in, this job is on the rise. The previous jobs, although all different, all have one thing in common, making more money.

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