Online Courses May Be Hurting More Than Helping Our Education System

The idea of higher learning or any learning becoming all online rather than at an institution is absolutely ridiculous! We are becoming more and more anti social as a society, face to face communication is becoming harder and harder for people to accomplish. We are using the internet and most technology based sources in the wrong way, instead of using it to aid us we are using it to take over the communication part of our brain. Communication is only successful if feedback is attained and that being said only good feedback counts not the fake stuff online students give just for a grade. Learning should be an outlet to discuss ideas and critical thinking, teachers are needed to serve as a guide to help students express their ideas

People go to college to learn from professors that have more knowledge on a subject and that are willing to lecture and discuss the intricate details of a topic not to just be supervised and babysat by someone with a degree. We will always need teachers but the difference are the kinds of teachers, we will need the ones that are not just there to babysit and are willing to interact with students far more than a structured  plain online course. If a professor wants to use an online course to supplement a face to face class then i think that is an excellent way to enhance the class but an online class itself will never compare to a good face to face class.

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