Guns Now Allowed at All Florida Colleges-Is This Safe?

Last month it was ruled that it is unlawful to prohibit students from keeping a gun in their car parked on campus in Florida.  This meaning that students are allowed to keep a gun in their vehicle as long as it is locked.  Schools all around Florida are revising their policies to abide by this Florida law.  But is this really safe?

Yes, it is the law that a person can carry a concealed weapon if secured properly.  But is allowing students, faculty and visitors come on campus with these okay?   Some people think that when more people have guns, there is less crime because you aren’t sure who has a gun and who doesn’t.  When there is a campus with thousands of people so close together does it create more of a threat than safety?

With haunting incidences happening at college campuses it is hard to dictate whether it is safer or not.  More people can react in an emergency if need be.  Also, more accidents could occur from goofing or unintentional use.  How can we better ensure the safety of our community without making discomfort for those who oppose?

I know here at UCF we are all still wary of what problems guns have caused on our campus.  Many students and parents are upset by the change of policy of letting guns be kept locked in a trunk or locked glove compartment.  As a law it is required of the university whether we like it or not.  In a situation like this we just have to start adapting and prepare ourselves in ways that are most comfortable to us.

UCF Allowing Students to Store Guns on Campus in Locked Cars After Judge’s Ruling,0,2195008.story

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