Rajon Rondo: His return from an ACL injury and the future of the Boston Celtics

It was January 15th 2013, and the Boston Celtics were playing the Atlanta Hawks in an overtime basketball game. Then the absolute unthinkable happened to the Celtics’ growing superstar, Rajon Rondo tore his Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), and would miss the remainder of the season and part of the upcoming season to heal the injury.  Rondo made his much anticipated return this past Friday, January 18th, against the Los Angeles Lakers, the biggest rivalry in the NBA. Now with their best player, and new team captain, the Boston Celtics now have to decide on how to approach the upcoming future of the program. There are 2 different approaches that ownership can make and that will be looked into shortly, 1. Build the franchise around their returning superstar or 2. Trade Rondo and hope to stockpile picks and young players.

Should the Celtics decide to build around Rajon Rondo that would mean a quicker return to basketball championship aspirations. They would look to build up their team roster through free agency, trying to bring in other superstars who would be interested in playing alongside Rondo. If the Celtics were to decide on going the other direction to try and trade him looking for draft picks and rising talent in the league. They would look to build up their team this way through the draft, trying to get the college superstars on their team.

Either way the Boston Celtics end up going, it is nice to see one of the NBA’s best players returning to the court and provide some exciting gameplay for the fans to see.

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