Hair Code…Is it right for a job/manager to tell you how to style your own hair?

As a woman with natural I yet to come across this issue because my job requires us to wear a hats anyways but so many women with natural fear or worry about a job that requires them to have their hair pulled in a certain way. But it that appropriate to tell someone they have to have their hair in a certain way? People are born with certain hair textures and some people do not believe in changing the texture of their hair because it is inappropriate. I understand if the hair was all over the place, dirty, or distracting I would understand that.

In corporate America you do see a lot of women with straight chemically processed hair or weaves and sometimes you see women rocking their natural hair. I think it really depends on the type of management you have some places have strict rules and some places really don’t so when it come to deciding what career you want to pursue you might also have to decide what hairstyle you would want to rock. Getting your hair done and keeping it maintained is also another factor to consider, yes you could to your hair at home or you could go to the salon. Both require time and money, straight hair requires a lot of time and it can damage your hair which is why many women got natural or wear there hair in protective style. I feel if my job wants me to style my hair a certain way they should pay for it. I understand staying in a certain dress code but when you want me to have my hair a certain way you should be able to give me options or an in house stylist.

People say just wear a weave but yet if you wear braids to certain job they will frown and still be upset with the hair. This is not an issue with American but everywhere, in Toronto a young woman who had gotten her hair done in box braids came into work and she had her hair pulled back and her 3 managers started touching here hair and complaining about why she did her hair like that in front of strangers. Can you imagine going to work and getting embarrassed and harassed just because of a hairstyle you have? Some people say it is just hair but if it just hair why make a big deal out of it? As long as you hair is presentable, clean and neat there should not be a problem.

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