North Korea, A Country Full Of Lies

North Korea claiming another big advancement for their country. North Korea has stated that it has successfully built and tested a engine for ICBM or better yet known as an intercontinental ballistic missile. They went on to say that it would enable the ICBM to strike the United States mainland with a nuclear war head. Hinting that they also made a small enough nuclear warhead to fit into a ICBM. Many are claiming that North Korea is bluffing but photos show otherwise. Photos have been seen of parades in North Korea and ICBM in the parades but officials and analysts in the region are saying they are nothing more then just mock ups.

The funny thing is North Korea is claiming all this success in various testing of their missiles and such but no one has seen this testing in the skies which raises suspicion if the results they are claiming are even true. If you think about you would at least see a missile going that high to the sky or even some type of results but we have yet to see anything leading to that North Korea is lying once again. This wouldn’t be the first nor would it be the last time they pull something like this just a couple of months ago claiming to have made a hydrogen bomb which raised a lot of concerns but the concerns soon disappeared when North Korea couldn’t have proved they successfully made a hydrogen bomb.

I don’t get this country at all for being a country who shelters it’s people from the outside world and doesn’t care about the other countries. It sure does its hardest to impress all of us. I honestly do believe North Korea is bluffing with no test results such as papers or videos its hard to believe that they had successfully done anything at all. Even if they did successfully they are breaking United Nations policies. North Korea is playing with fire and sooner or later its going to get burn and when that happens I don’t think North Korea has the protection nor extinguisher to put out this fire.

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