Happily Connected Ever After

All our lives, we search for one thing: companionship.  Whether we find this with the relationship we have with our family or we can create this with the people we meet and consider friends or we have that lucky best friend/lover relationship, all we want is to feel connected to another person who wants to be around us.  Now each of these categories can weigh differently.  The relationship we have with our family is strong but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the one we prefer.  We know that our family is our family no matter what and they aren’t going anywhere hence why some people don’t appreciate that relationship and still seek out other places to feel loved.  We connect with people we meet in school or work or even through going out and we call these people our friends.  The connection we can make with them is stronger because we tend to have the desire for these people to be in our everyday lives.  It is something we choose as opposed to something we feel is inevitable anyway.  Then on some very special occasions we have the opportunity to change the companionship of a friend in to an actual relationship.  We choose to live, experience, and love another person with every aspect of our own existence.  So what happens when we lack all of the above?

I have seen the online community come to the rescue with those who may not feel that they have any other way of meeting new people and establishing these companionships.  When you get older, it seems harder to meet people because you have fewer avenues to do so.  You go to work and then what?  Younger people usually are in school, they work and they also go out to clubs and other venues and the possibilities are almost endless to meeting someone to call a companion.  The funny thing is our younger generation is partaking in these dating sites that a lot of older people have turned to.  Some people sign on to these sites just for fun, others genuinely want to find someone to spend their lives with.  It is easier when you haven’t met the person simply because you don’t have to worry about the superficial appearance factor.  While the way someone appears to you may be important initially, it is what is on the inside that will keep you attracted to them.  Someone who can entice and attract your mind is likely to last longer than someone who just attracted your eye. I have no problem going out and meeting people in school or at a club/bar but the simple fact for me is that some of these people I meet do absolutely nothing for my mind and I have experienced the downfall of just a physical attraction, it is nice for a while but when you don’t know what comes next, you are lost.  I did reach out to an online site, originally just for fun but to see what I could find and I nearly fell in love with the person I communicated with.  We never met, but it was a feeling stronger than I have ever experienced with anyone else.  We didn’t even live in the same state but it didn’t matter.  It isn’t for everyone but when you open your mind, you would be surprised at what else is out there.  I believe that you can find love online but it has to be done on your own terms, not based on what some matchmaker thinks is best for you.

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