Memories: The cure for the Digital World

Friendship comes in all different types of forms, from acquaintance to childhood friendship; no matter the status of those friendships the relationship and memory you have with the other individual(s) will have an effect on your life. Researchers, psychologists, have research the significance of friendships effect like in the author’s article Amy Novotney. Also pointed out on the direction our society in leading towards as social media & virtual world is slowly taking over our lives.


This meaningful word should be enough for any person to realize that without personal memories with family and friends, it can indicate detachment. The first time I played baseball, my very first friend, the first homecoming dance or my acceptance letter to UCF.  l treasure these memories because It develop me to the person I am today.

Without connectivity or human contact an individual won’t be able to have a significant memory. Although intercommunication won’t become obsolete; the realization that humans will rely on our technological advancement to make a friend or find a significant other is an outrage. We, as human are able to obtain that aspect of our lives on our own. If someone is able to “create” a friendship in front of their computer, anyone can create a new friend by simply starting with “Hey”, Human connectivity is about realizing not to be afraid and taking a chance on your life, your dream, your desires, and your destination. At the end of your life the only thing you have are your memories.

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