Has Technology Improved or Impaired Our Lives?

Have technological changes made our lives easier or harder?  The majority of younger generations would probably say that technology makes our lives much easier.  After all, thanks to technology we can talk with people across the globe, send emails on the go from our cell phones, and even video chat with someone in another country.  On the other hand, if you ask the same question to an older person, the response may be quite different.  They may discuss how they have difficulty paying bills, ordering from catalogues, or communicating with others because of the too advanced technology.  They may even suggest that many of today’s problems are a result of technological change.

So who has the correct answer to this question?  Well, both of them do.  It is true that technological change has brought many good things.  One example is that we can now more efficiently communicate with people across the world through email, social networking sites, and even Skype.  However, people also must understand that technological change has brought mixed blessings.  Not everything technology brings is good.  For example, privacy violations and identity theft have become major concerns in the modern world because of technology.

So which one is the lesser evil?  Is a world without technology better that a world with technology, or vice versa?  The answer is how you look at it.  Yes, technology has brought benefits, but it has also brought negative consequences.  However, without technology, many important innovations in health and medicine would not have been possible.  I believe that some of the evils introduced by technology are overcome by the many advantages associated with it.

In order to use technology to its fullest potential, people must learn that technology is both good and bad.  We should embrace technology and the benefits that are associated with it.  However, we must not be blind to the disadvantages that come with the benefits.  When people are aware that technology does bring many disadvantages as well as advantages, then I believe we will be able to overcome the disadvantages and use technology for the better.

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