The Good and…BAD of Technology

Has anyone that you have ever known or you yourself have stopped to think what exactly does this new technological gadget do for me? Does it help me more or not at all? Do I even need this in my life? These are some questions I feel as though we forget to ask ourselves whenever we see a shiny new toy out at our local BestBuy. Now is the time that we must ask ourselves these questions, especially when there is a new upgrade or better device coming out on the market every six months. We focus so much on getting the new gadget and learning about all the great stuff it does, but what about the stuff that it doesn’t do? Is it something that you NEED it to do, otherwise what is the point of getting it in the first place?


For instance the new Windows platform on tablets, RT, it’s great on battery consumption, you can have up to 8 hours of battery life, you can easily access your email, and it has tons of storage space ranging from 16 to 32 gigabytes. They tell you it’s like having a fully functioning computer in tablet form, perfect huh? The key word there is LIKE. What they don’t tell you in their awesome and fun commercials is that the RT is very limited. You can’t install any extra software like iTunes on the desktop provided or even Adobe reader or Flash player. You can only install apps from there app store provided and they don’t have everything in their app store currently. I personally had to look into this while searching for a new tablet. And I have got to say the majority of the feedback was not good at all.


It just goes to show that while something may sound amazing in the commercial, it pays to really know what type of technology you’re buying and what it can do, more importantly, what it CAN’T do.

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