Heroes Sacrifice: Mere Comic Book Fiction or Real Life Lessons?

In today’s age there are many comic book heroes that children associate themselves with based on the principles that the hero display’s in the book. A good example this would be Batman himself, a human who consistently opposes crime outside the law. This fall October 25, 2013 video game developer Warner Bros. Games Montreal will be releasing their latest entry of the batman arkham video games called, “Batman Arkham Origins.” This entry of the game finds Bruce Wayne just starting his career as a crime fighter and trying to oppose the corruption the city is forced to endure. The very same corruption that took his parents away from him at the age of eight when a mugger shot and killed both his parents in front of him.

Now normally most people would want nothing more than to seek revenge against the person who had caused them this much sorrow-especially at such a young age-but Bruce Wayne does the complete opposite that we in the really world don’t do often enough. Such as seeking the means to prevent this kind of wrong doing from happen constantly. Although that doesn’t mean every kid in America must dress up in a costume and fight crime on daily basis or experience such a traumatic event that sets them on a selfless path. But it does mean that we shouldn’t seek violence to solve violence. Basically, if a relative of yours is killed or murdered the first thing to do after mourning should be to find a way to keep something like this from happening again. In the video game Arkham Origins, Batman has dedicated his entire life to protecting those who cannot always protect themselves and thus is seen as hero because his method of protection doesn’t involve killing someone in order to save somebody. Bottom line, not every video game has to be about killing or shooting people like in Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty. Some games like Batman Arkham Origins can send a somewhat positive message to young children without involving pulling a trigger to gun.

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