UCF vs. USF Pulls out a Very Exciting Game

This past weekend was a huge weekend for college football fans. The University of Central Florida is not always a part of the big game to watch, but that is exactly what it was referred to by ESPN for saturday’s game. The UCF Knights played the University of South Carolina Gamecocks at noon on September 28th.

USF is the 12th school in the nation and thus, brought a lot of competition and stress to UCF’s students, fans, and players. Because the game started at 12 pm, tailgating began around 8 am. Some students even camped out at memory mall overnight! Now that’s dedication. The game was completely sold out and the student section was filled by 10:30 am. In other words, this was probably the most significant game UCF has ever played at home.

The knights had a 10-0 lead the entire first half of the game. The fact that they had not let the other team even make a touchdown in two quarters was amazing in itself. However, coming back from the half, the gamecocks wanted redemption and came back completely, with a 28-10 lead mid way through the fourth quarter. It began to pour over the stadium almost in a way to symbolize the disappointment knights were feeling.

The last couple minutes were very exciting, as UCF came back hard. They weren’t giving up just yet! The game ended with a score of 25-28, with USF winning. I have to say that no matter what, I am proud of my knights. This game showed that we can keep up with the big teams and give them a run for their money. Win or lose, UCF Knights will always charge on.

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