Peabody Ducks Take Their Final March

The famous ducks at the Orlando Peabody Hotel located on International Drive took their final march this evening.  The reason for the end of the march is due to the fact that the hotel has been sold and will soon reopen as a Hyatt Regency.  It is an unfortunate event because this has been a tradition that has been carried out for about 27 years!  The march would happen twice every day and a significantly large group of people would gather to watch.  The ducks even get their own red carpet! The ducks used to live on the hotel rooftop and were beloved by nearly everyone.  After their so called retirement, the ducks will be transported to farms to continue the rest of their lives.

Being a resident in Orlando for 12 years, I have always wanted to see this event.  It is sad that the tradition will be ending and that I missed out on it.  The tradition of the duck walk actually began with three live decoy ducks in the hotel’s fountain.  The general manager apparently returned from a duck hunting trip with these decoys.  It attracted many hotel guests and visitors absolutely loved it!

After the sale closes on October 1st, the only Peabody hotel left will be located in Memphis, Tennessee.  I am actually shocked that that is the only Peabody location now.  The hotel always came off as one of the classier and more expensive hotels, so I guess I would have expected a few more locations and the “had been” chain to still be apparent and popular in today’s society.


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