Hiding behind Technology

This is the 21st century and the technology that has been developed is great. the technology that we have helps us save lives, communicate better and let us as human have more fun. The technology that we have now is not always used properly or we use it hide behind it so that we do not have to face reality. We tell ourselves that we are being productive and that we are using our social media website that we are using it to keep in touch with friends. What many people do is live through other peoples lives on these websites. They look at the picture and think about what it was like to be there. Many people also post picture of themselves being fake. The younger generation males want to be portrayed for some reason as this person who goes out and parties all the time with the girls. Female want to be portrayed as the girls that go out to clubs and take picture of themselves wearing practically nothing. They then do not know why they are getting called these nasty names. We lie to ourselves saying that we are not hiding behind this and that this is the true us but we know that it is all a lie.

Technology is constantly changing and making everything faster and better. We will always find ourselves lying to ourselves and saying that we are not hiding behind technology so that we do not have to face reality.

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