It’s a Game System! It’s a Computer! It’s an IPhone?

Just a few months ago I was what people considered “team droid”. Whenever my phone froze or it didn’t so the same things and I phone did I would get side eyes and people shaking their head at me whilst simultaneously stating “If you had an I phone that wouldn’t have happened”. Through tireless begging and not being able to have the same charger as most of my friends (this is very annoying when your phone is always dying because you have a “droid”) I finally received my I phone and to my utter surprise did almost the same exact thing a droid did. Yeah it has some extra bells and ringers that I take of advantage of but outside of that it was just a regular phone. It still freezes, shuts off sometimes, and doesn’t update my apps when I want them too but that’s neither here nor there my concern is the distractions a simple phone can cause.

I have come across people with 45 apps on their I phone. For what?! For a lack of better terms these people are “plugged into the matrix”. They know everything about everybody, updated on all the latest news in school and outside of school. They have 5 different apps just to say something with a maximum of 140 characters, An app to most pictures and an app that is a hybrid of the two.  I cant understand for the life of me why its all needed. Yes I do scroll through twitter while I wait for my classes, I may occasionally play a game or two in class but outside of that I’m not really on my phone besides texting and making phone calls and a few emails. Maybe I’m boring, maybe not but without all the bells and whistles at the end of the day a phone is a phone.

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