Holidays Shopping or Tortured Employees?

Over the years, black friday has become known as the day after Thanksgiving where everything under the sun is on sale. During the past few years though stores have been opening earlier and earlier to the point where they were opening Thanksgiving night. This year however stores are opening Thanksgiving morning at 8 am. It seems absurd to many of us that people would skip the holiday spent with friends and family for shopping instead. However to me, the worst part is that all of these employees are being forced to work and deal with crazy crowds on what should be a day off for everyone.

When did the country become so obsessed with money that we no longer care about celebrating holidays and spending time with family and friends? We are taking away holidays from people who make minimum wage or barely anything more so that other people can run around and spend there money earlier instead of allowing everyone a day off. Employees are being forced to work and even with extra holiday pay it’s still not enough to justify what they have to go through being up all night and the rude people involved with these sales.

What is causing this ridiculous reason to take away someones day off? If people weren’t so concerned about these sales, we could boycott the fact that people are being forced to work these unnecessary days. Teens and adults are being taken away from there families on these days we consider special out of the year and now its not only Thanksgiving but also being forced to work these retail jobs on Christmas eve until the last possible minute causing them to be away from their families.

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