Sunday Night American Music Awards Run Without a Hiccup

Last night, the American Music Awards played on the ABC network. The show was truly amazing. Most of the performances were outstanding and a lot of the top songs of the year were played. There were some big winners who took home over two awards. Most of the fashion was fantastic as well, although there were a few that weren’t so great.

There were a few performances that stood out to me. Jennifer Lopez was probably the best performance at the AMA’s it was full of costume changes, good vocals, and impressive dance numbers. The opening act, Katy Perry, I thought had a great performance but the vocals could have been a little better. Christina Aguilera looked great and sounded amazing. Justin Timberlake’s performance was full of soul and fantastic vocals. One Direction also had a successful performance, although I could have done with a little less of Harry Styles belting. I really enjoyed Ariana Grande’s performance. Her voice is awesome and she sang one of her top hits. What I loved most about hers and Christina’s performances is that they weren’t dependent on an elaborate set and lights and acrobatics. They literally just stood on stage and sang, which shows that they don’t need everything else to have a successful performance. I also enjoyed Rihanna’s performance of “Diamonds.” The only thing I found weird was her hair. Her hair was up and wrapped around her head and held in place by very obvious bobby pins. I thought it was very tacky. One of the last performances was by Miley Cyrus. It was a very strange performance. She did her song “Wrecking Ball” with a giant cat in the background and she wore a bikini that also had cats on it. At least this time she didn’t involve any foam fingers.

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