Holly Holm: The NEW Baddest Woman on the Planet

There is a NEW bantamweight women’s champion, and her name is Holly Holm. Arguably the most dominant woman in sports, the now ex-champion, Ronda Rousey, was knocked out in the 57th second of the second round.

A 20-1 underdog, no one really gave Holly Holm the respect and chance she actually deserved. Holly is not only a World Boxing Champion in three weight classes, she also is a master at kickboxing. Stepping into the ring with Rousey, seemed like the natural progression for a champ, knowing it wasn’t going to be easy, but felt her time was now.

“I just felt like how could I not do this?” Holm said. “I have the best coaching from stand-up to grappling to wrestling. Look at this time right here; this right here is priceless.”

Ronda wasn’t just going to sit and let her take the belt, but Ronda seemed out matched from the throw of the first punch. Holly couldn’t keep still in anticipation to the fight, but when the bell rang for the first round, Holm looked poised and determined to out box the then champ.

Ronda was eating punch after punch, with a game plan that fit perfectly for the challenger. Instead of trying to take Holly down and try to work her magic on the ground, Ronda wanted to out box a world class boxer. Rousey did try to take her down, but Holm handled it with ease and got right back up to continue the beating.

After taking brutal shots in the first, the effects were showing in the second round, for Rowdy Rousey. When she tried throwing a left hook, and Holly ducked under the punch elegantly, to cause Ronda to swing at air, fall on a knee, and catch herself before Holly hit her with a counter, perfectly summed up the type of fight it was.

After that it didn’t take much longer for Holly to connect and daze her with a few punches, until she caught her with the deadly kick that caused Ronda to hit the deck. Landing a couple more punches to seal the knock out, Holly became the first person ever to become a world boxing champion and UFC champion.


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