How Does Over Sharing On Social Media Affect Us?

In today’s society social media pretty much controls every aspect of our lives; with every social media outlet having an app for smart phones, we can check Facebook, Twitter and Instagram any chance we get. After being asked the question “Are we in a “great haste” to construct social media to connect with others when, in reality, we have nothing important to communicate”, I immediately thought about how in our constant quest to connect with people through social media by sharing every aspect of our lives, how will this affect our lives and even our family’s and children’s lives in the future? There have been many instances of people losing jobs or not getting hired because of things that were posted on social media.

One thing I have noticed as I get older and more and more of my friends are getting married and having children, people tend to over share every aspect of their children’s lives. In showing every milestone of your child’s life, including first bath or first time using the bathroom on their own, how will this make them feel when they get older? There is a blog that I follow called STFU Parents and the author posts funny stories about things parents post on social media, one individual posting that caught my eye was of parents posting pictures of children’s bowel movements and also pictures of placenta still attached to the baby. My question is why would anything think people want to see this stuff and also how are you not taking into consideration how your child will feel about his/her personal moments put on the internet for everyone to see? It doesn’t look like social media is going anywhere for a while, people should just take into account how the things they will post will affect themselves, their family members and their children.

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