Don’t be fooled, college is a business first

I have been in college for almost three years now, and it is far from cheap.  I can vouch for the majority, if not all of students enrolled in college courses when I say this.  I was first granted admission into the University of Central Florida in the summer of  2010; I thought I was going to be financially set, and boy was I wrong. I am eligible to receive seventy-five percent of the Bright futures scholarship, and qualify for loans but that alone is far from being sufficient means to live under.  This semester, like every other I am a full-time student, have pulled out all the loans possible, and hold two jobs just to be able to survive. I am not saying that this won’t pay off in the future, but I am stating that education should be a priority, opposed to a business venture. I understand that college is an investment ,and luckily it is one that I am able to take, but I cannot speak on behalf of everyone. In this country we put so much emphasis on bettering our educational system, but we are withholding people from opportunities because they cannot finance themselves through an  institution of higher learning.  If education is such a priority then no one in this country should be neglected of receiving a higher education. Everything in America seems to be more concerned about  money opposed to figuring out how to better our people. It has just recently become apparent to me that education is not excluded.



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