Not Everything is News Worthy

The world which we live in is always changing. it seems as though news media is changing for the worse due to its “market-minded” drive in today’s society. There have been so many time segments of change that occurred with good and bad outcomes. The problem is that people point out the flaws much sooner than they recognize the good in the situation, and by the time the positive opportunities are known, change has occurred yet again. Some believe there is nothing we can do to stop it, but others think the change is an opportunity to morph the entire news system into something more purposeful and interesting than what it is today.

Media seems to be focusing on everything besides what is really important. According to James Fallow’s article, “Learning to Love the New Media”, even President Obama said he was surprised to see how the news people only cared about “what happens this minute”. Journalists are too focused on what they think is important at the moment, and not enough about what will be important in the future. The overall quality of the material being published and aired seems to be treading downhill due to the hunger for more viewers/readers.

I honestly do believe there will be a positive outcome to all of the changes in the future, though it may take some time. The struggling businesses need to focus more on quality information that will benefit the viewers rather than pointless stories that seem to appeal to the public eye. I believe that once people start to realize not everything in the spectrum is “news worthy”, the troubled fissure will surely begin to mend itself.

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