How Drinking Coffee can Positively Effect my Health

Is coffee even good for our health? Do I need to become an addict to be considered “healthy”? Every caffeine addict will praise coffee to no end. Their genuine love for coffee will eventually cause you to stumble upon the idea of possibly drinking some.

I, myself being an avid coffee drinker have always wondered what my life would look like if coffee was never introduced to me. Would I be more energized and accomplish more? According to the article “I Don’t Drink Coffee. Should I start?” by Daniel Victor, “Coffee has been linked to, among other things, reducing tinnitus risk, increasing driver safety, cutting melanoma risk, galvanizing workouts, surviving colon cancer, living a longer life and avoiding death.”

Let’s be real. If we didn’t even know coffee helped to this degree would we even care to drink it? It all boils down to the mere fact that coffee in excess can negatively affect us. However, it can help the human body prevent certain illness all at the same time.

My only conclusion is that moderation is key. Since drinking in excess can cause negative consequences we must regulate our intake. However, this does not mean we should cut it out completely if is does benefit us in some way.

Coffee can create serious addictions and if we don’t need or like it than it isn’t crucial, but to say it is entirely bad for us isn’t the case. All in all, how we regulate what we consume is key to living a healthy life.

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