Homosexuality, Is it a Sin?

Shawn Presley

In lieu of the campaign trail and political sentiment in regards to liberal and conservative values, the topic of homosexuality is bound to make a drastic appearance on the stage of office. However, although the argument for or against homosexuality in the political spectrum has been pretty much settled with the Supreme Courts decisions of a 5 to 4 vote to make Gay marriage legal, the topic is still up for much debate in the religious spectrum.

One homosexual advocate brought up an interesting perspective in the debate, he stated, that all sin is sin and that the Church unjustly highlights and promotes homosexuality as the chief sin while not addressing other sins that are also prevalent not only in the community but the church as well (Divorce, adultery, fornication, etc.). Although I will refrain from picking a side and remain a neutral observer in the discussion, in this instance I must rebuttal on the basis that; In regards to sin and the church there seems to be a unanimous decision on the later sins while the topic on homosexuality there is much dissension. We can all agree murder is a sin, as well as fornication, adultery, etc., but for Homosexuality there are prominent religious leaders as well as a great following that believe this is a gross misinterpretation of scripture causing the echo of disagreement to reach the loudest corridors.

As stated earlier, I’m not necessarily for or against homosexuality but rather an interested observer curious to see how such a disagreement pans out in the future of the Church and its stance on such practices.

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