KKK Attempt To Rally Goes South With 3 Stabbing Victims

The themed rally “white lives matter” was intended to unfold on Saturday at Pearson Park in Anaheim, Calif. Ku Klux Klan members attempted to rally against immigration but at their arrival, protesters raged and attacked. According to Sgt. Daron Wyatt of the Anaheim Police Department, the KKK guys were attacked as soon as they got out of the vehicle and the counteract broke into several fights along the city block. Three klansmen, dressed in all black with confederate flags stitched on them, were the knife-wielders that stabbed three counter-protesters during the attack. One victim was stabbed with the end of a potential Confederate flagpole, another stabbed in “self-defense”, and the last was found stabbed in a vehicle nearby.

Now, there is no debate in that the klansmen have the constitutional freedom per the first amendment to say whatever they’d like. But to what extent should such a controversial group protest without expecting retaliation from other constitutionally protected counter-protesters? By no means, am I condoning the violence that took place but I think there is a reasonable expectation for people of the public to be offended and express their positions. I think it’s sad that anti-racial groups still drive such a strong force in a time when we really can’t afford any more racial volatility. I believe that since it’s their given right to rally and protest as unagreeable as it may be to some, there should be more precautionary measures set up for these types of events. There were police on site to monitor the Anaheim rally on Saturday, but they were said to be totally caught off guard with the retaliation. Therefore, I think they should have a more reasonable expectation for this in the future and plan accordingly.

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