How much reality comes from reality television shows

To me, this kind of goes both ways. On certain reality television shows, I feel that a lot of reality comes from them. For example “Bad Girls Club” is a reality television show and girls that believe they are bad, sign up for the show. These are girls that feel they fit a certain stereotype, and when they go on the show, they act and behave a certain way. I think that that is reality, because that is the lifestyle they lead. For me that would not be my reality, but for the people that lead that exact lifestyle it is most definitely. “Jersey Shore” is a reality show that depicts both true reality and false reality in my opinion. The false reality would be the fact that people can not act like they act at certain times and lead a successful life, like when Snookie decides that she doesn’t feel like working or going to work and she has no consequence, in the real world, people go to work or they get fired. “Jersey Shore” is realistic in other senses though because they are all friends living in a house and they cook and clean and go out and that is all reality. So all in all, some reality television shows are a far cry from realistic, but there are some that are very realistic for different groups of people, and than there are some that can be realistic to everyone in some way. But really though if there was to even be an argument on reality or not, what would the genre name be changed to?

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