One Simple Post can Change the World

The Internet is used by millions of people a day for millions of different reasons. Between news sites, blog posts, and Facebook, one can learn thousands of new things a day. When reading the story “Whence the Revolution” I realized how the Internet has changed the world in so many ways. With the incorporation of cell phone cameras linked to social media sites, sharing information is so easy that a caveman could do it.

On Facebook, I see daily photos of cruel tragedies going on around the world. These photos have thousands of likes and allow people to realize that there is immoral people and unjust activities carrying on without stop. As I gaze across these photos I realize something needs to be done. There are ads on the side of websites showing a brutal event and explain that donating money is one click away. The Internet allows activists to get their word out easier than any way before. Once someone sees a terrible photo, their heart melts– this is either good or bad.

Technology is able to do anything these days. Horrifying photos are a motive for people to take action. Yet, with the invention of software such as Photoshop, one can create fake photos to trick people into thinking the worse. I have seen plenty of photos on the Internet that are clearly edited to look like something else. This is a disadvantage of how the Internet works because people are so easy to believe everything they see. With many videos going viral, the effect of the Internet has a powerful effect on the world. It can bring a chance of hope to those who believe their story will never be told.

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