How to Adapt to Technology

Everyday there is a crazy, new piece of metal that is being thrown at us through advertisement. It can become very overwhelming if one does not know how to handle it properly. With this said, we must keep in mind that every body is different and reacts to things unalike. Neil Postman hit the nail right on the spot during his article, “ Five Things We Need to Know About Technology Change.”

In summary, Neil said that the first thing is that there are pros and cons to every new piece of technology. Sometimes the pros outweigh the cons and visa versa. Bringing us into Neil’s second point, the positives and negatives are different for everyone because once again, everyone is different. For instance, if one does not have to worry about money because they are wealthy than the price of the new IPhone 5 will not be a con to their decision on buying the IPhone 5. Whereas, if one is not as wealthy and does have to worry about money than the price of the IPhone 5 will become a con to their decision of their purchase. It is as simple as that. The next point that Neil brings up is that technology has the ability to really make people’s minds become open and more abstract. One does not need to just use the technology to the most basic extent. Open your mind. Another opinion that Neil has is that new technology does not just mix into the crowd–it completely changes it. The final and in my eyes the most important statement that Neil has is that we should not rely fully on technology. At the end of the day it is a robot with no feelings. So do yourself a favor and put all of your technology down for a moment and smell the actual flowers—not the computer generated ones.

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