Is Google Making Us Lazy?

It’s happened to us all, we can’t remember that one actor in a movie or the song from that commercial and the first thing we do is pull up Google. When looking up a simple question on Google you can type in the first three letters of a word and Google already tries to guess what your question is, and most of the time it is right. Now with Google Instant, which is a new type-ahead “mind-reading” feature that says it has saved it’s users over 100 Billion keystrokes and counting, sort of like the McDonalds of the Internet. We have become a society so dependent on being able to Google something quickly and find the answer, rather than actually asking somebody or looking it up in a book.
Research has been done that says that Google is making our memories lazier because we can easily access information so we don’t have to retain any of it. In fact it has become easier for us to remember where we have found that one silly fact than actually remembering the fact itself. Also with all the ads Google know has on its page, it is easy to find a lawn company while you are doing research for class; Google has become a one stop shop for its users. In a way Google has made us lazier, by not putting really any work into the research we’re doing or even doing the simple act of asking someone a question, but it definitely had made finding those answers to simple nagging questions a much easier process.

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