How to Prevent Allergies at an Early Age

Allergies are prevalent among some people, yet they are scarce among others. What is the root to this issue? Could it be that early exposure to foods that cause allergies could prevent allergic reactions all together? Could introducing children to peanuts at a young age prevent them from future allergies?

According to the “More Support for Early Exposure to Peanuts to Prevent Allergies” by Andrew Pollack from the New York Times, “Dr. Lack was the senior author of a study last year that found feeding peanuts to young children starting when they are 4 to 11 months old sharply reduced the risk of their developing peanut allergies.” How interesting to note early introduction to peanuts could influence the health of a child. How would the health of our children look years from now if proper measures were taken while they are young?

The remedy to the increasing rate of allergies in our country can ultimately lie in the diet of the younger population. Pollack notes, “In the meantime,” he said, “evidence is building that early consumption rather than delayed introduction of foods is likely to be more beneficial as a strategy for the primary prevention of food allergy.” The secret to a healthy nation with less allergies to foods are in how we develop the diets of our children. We have the power to enhance health and properly assess how to do so.

How interesting it will be to see how peanuts for infants could become a trend in the future. Being that infants cannot eat certain things that are hazardous, there may be a way to ensure that infants are properly nourished and that they can safely consume an item that may or may not become an allergy in the future.

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