Technology Aids Instructors and Students in the Classroom.

It is no surprise that the world has evolved into one that is more technology consumed than ever. Technology constantly brings us a new form of entertainment, work or education through the latest innovative devices, which allow us to work much more efficiently.

This is especially true for students. With the access millions of applications on any portable device, teachers and parents can download many different “apps” to engage students in more creative ways to learn, all while developing technology skills.

Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow, revealed in her latest “Speak Up Survey” that 89 percent of high-school students have access to internet-connected smart phones, while 50 percent of students in grades 3 to 5 have access to the same devices. Moreover, a third of students have access to devices like laptops or tablets in their school.

Technology in the classroom promotes many different benefits. It allows for teachers to keep track of attendance more easily. It also facilitates the grading of assignments, assigning students into groups, communication with the students or parents, keeping daily tasks organized, preparation of daily lessons and creativity in the classroom.

Students also benefit from technological advances in the classroom. It facilitates the organization of all assignments, keeping track of grades, communication with the instructors and classmates, develops technological skills and the change of routine helps students remain more focused.

Evans also revealed that this proliferation of educational tools is allowing students to be autonomous and design the “best fit” for their own needs.

Technology is helping students develop autonomy and be more creative in their process of learning, and with so many more technological advances expected, the relationship between education and technology is yet to flourish.

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