Hundreds of Dolphins to be Slaughtered in Japan

Nearly 200 bottlenose dolphins are being trapped in Japanese coves this week for the customary hunting of these beautiful animals. Japanese traditions see the hunting of these animals no different then hunting any other type of animal for their meat.

25 of these trapped animals will be sold off to Japanese aquariums and zoo to live a life of animal slavery. One these trapped dolphins is a rare albino calf. The Japanese fishermen hope they will be able to fetch a high price for such a rare prize of the catch. The main excuse Japanese officials are defending the practice of viciously catching these animals as a tradition and a customary procedure.

Dolphin and whale meat make up a large chunk of the average Japanese diet. However environmentalists believe that the meat is not healthy as it contains heavy amounts of mercury.

My personal opinion is mixed. On one side I completely believe how sacred customs and traditions are to this side of the world. Even though many of Japan is top of the grid in regards to technology and growth, they still hold many “old world” traditions. So I completely understand, however I am also a bit of an animal lover. I still believe if the actual practice that they use could be changed to a more practical and “less horrific” technique I do not see an issue.

I believe that people in America that are upset about this issue are partially biased to dolphins because they are one of the more popular animals.

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