Hunger Games Has Odds In Its Favor

Coming off the worst fiscal year in box office history since 1995, this past weekend saw the odds in Hollywood’s favor.  The Hunger Games stormed its way into theaters this weekend and surpassed all expectations by making an astounding $155 million dollars.  That makes Hunger Games the third biggest opening weekend of all time (behind 2008’s The Dark Knight and last years Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2) and the biggest opening weekend ever for a non-sequel.  The film, which managed to beat out all four Twilight films, had a 39% male viewership as opposed to Twilight’s 20% male viewership.  The success of The Hunger Games has led to distributor Lionsgate reaping the benefits in a big way.  Not only do they stand to profit greatly from the film (which cost a meager $80 million to produce and $45 million to market), but their credit level is being reevaluated which would allow them to borrow more money while paying back lower interest rates.  It also gives Lionsgate the chance at taking home some Academy Awards come next years ceremony.  There is already speculation that Jennifer Lawrence (who became the second youngest best actress nominee in 2010 for Winter’s Bone) could possibly garner a second nomination next year for her portrayal of Katniss, the films protagonist.  Nominations for films released in the spring are a rare, but not unheard of, occurrence that in this case wouldn’t be surprising.  With Lawrence’s previous nomination she is someone that is already on the Academy’s radar.  The Hunger Games managed to garner critical and commercial success despite a marketing campaign that didn’t show any part of the actual Hunger Games that contestants partake in.  Rest assured the other studios in Hollywood are celebrating the success of The Hunger Games as it serves as a sign that people are going back to the theaters and with the summer blockbusters right around the corner they are hoping to repeat The Hunger Games success.

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